The UK High Commission Pimps Fleets of Vans Ahead of King Charles Tour in Kenya

Ahead of the Royal visit of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla to Kenya , the UK high commission in Kenya has made the visit to look flourish by spicing up things a little by tapping into a Kenyan street culture "Matatus".

Toyota Van Pimped ahead of King Charles Tour in Kenya

With partnership of renowned graffiti artist and the UK high commission they have transformed a fleets of Vans into colourful spectacles , beautiful visual arts and some of the vehicle feature the image of King of England and and his wife Queen Camilla ,Custom UK airbrush flags , digital printout and vinyl decals .

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 They are also adorned with symbolism of both Kenyan and British culture including the Big Ben, the clock tower of London, marathoner Eliud Kipchoge and Game animals.
The graffiti has been Kenya landmark on the maps of the world becoming popular internationally with Many global celebrities co-signing the art form after having their faces featured on Nairobi's Matatus.
Toyota Van Pimped ahead of King Charles Tour in Kenya

The Royal family historic visit Vans are expected to ferry deplomatic staffs and other individual involved in the official tours making them part of the convoy .
King Charles Tour in Kenya

The graffiti acts as a story telling art in Matatus and captures the essence of Kenya identity.


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