The First Electric Drone Like Aircraft Delivered by Joby Aviation

 An Electric vertical take-off and landing known for its Short form eVTOL is a kind of Aircraft that uses electricity power to hover take off and land vertically.This kind of technology came about by assistance of major components such as motors , betteries, fuel cells,and electronics controllers.

EVTOL Flying around

Electric vertical take-off and landing EVTOL aircraft

In a recent successful project by an eVTOL Developers Joby Aviation they successful tested this electric aircraft so that in can be brought into commercial operation.

The USAF just received its first eVTOL from Joby Aviation, which Joby believes to be the first-ever "air taxi" delivered to the US.

The test of the aircraft was done in California with a pilot on board. This has made a key milestone for the company and creating big partnership like the partnership with US Depertment of Defense which includes the delivery of at least nine aircraft two of which are air taxis for the Edwards Air Force Base in California.At September 25th the plane maker announced that it had delivered the first two of the electric air taxis.

Joby chief test pilot James “Buddy” Denham conducting flight tests onboard the Joby aircraft in Marina, CA / Credit: Joby Aviation

The project partnership dated back to 2016 where it started and $131 millions was in part of the dealership for the development of Electric vertical take-off and landing EVTOL.

Since Joby Aviation when it was founded in 2009 it had partnered with various organizations including Nasa  , Toyota and jet blue Airways , much more The US military has played a significant role as well and the delivery of its first eVTOL puts Joby that much closer to its goal of serving passengers.

Joby hopes to enter on commercial market with it's five seats EVTOL ,the aircraft will carry four passenger and one pilot.

There also other companies which involves with the development of the EVTOL one of them being Joby's competitors Anchor Aviation and more.


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