Top Gadgets That You Must Have as a Driver

1.Car Hitch Key Vault

Car Hitch Key Vault

car hitch key vault

This car hitch key vault makes your next adventure a worry free. With an innovative solutions, it slides right into the hitch on your car and stores your keys and wallets securely and also , it features four digits combination lock to keep your goods safe.

2.Magic Dust Removing Putty

Magic Dust Removing Putty

Sometimes dirts get too small and hidden for you to unable to clean up. Magic Dust Removing Putty is small enough to reach all tiny spaces in your car leaving you with no worries and and saves you a lot than having a vacuum cleaner.

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3.Anti-slip Car Dash Grip Pad

This gadget is a perfect solutions for keeping your items secure . This is a non-stick surface from keys , phones , coins and other important items safe and secure, even if at a sudden stop.

4.Wide Angle Car Parking Assistant

Getting your car in reverse into a perfect spot is so much challenging to some drivers . But this handy gadget features motion activated lasers which you can position to guide your car into a perfect spot.

5.Noco Boost GB40 portable car battery

This gadget can be connected to any 12 volts car batteries and also jump starts up to 20 times on a single charge . It recharges from any USB port 3 hours at 2.1 amps and comes with car battery jump starter pack , including jumper cables , a portable power bank, an Led flashlight and even an emergency strobe light function.

6.Smart Rear View Mirror

This is a high tech version of the regular rear view mirror. This mirror comes with a plethora features including a front and rear cameras , nevigation direction and a music finder.

7.Slim Digital tire inflator

This gadget is compatible with all 12 volts car accessories. It is employed with inflate right technology that you can plug in the 10 foot power cord , set your desired pressure and walk away letting it to do it's thing.

Its 7× 2.5 inches, and weighs 1.85 pounds making it compact and easy to control giving 6 minutes inflation time.

8.Heated Car Blancket

The heated car blanket gives warmth in a freezing car during the morning or cold times.

It's easy to use , just plug it on into a cigarette lighter port and all will be warm.

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