The New Mercedes Benz Concept CLA Class Futures the Technology of Electric Cars

Tacking Center stage at IAA Mobility 2023 , Mercedes Benz Concept CLA class was the spotlight of innovation.Looking at the vision of Mercedes Benz electric cars the Concept CLA Class Changes everything.It inherits a lot from Vision EQXX but it is a car with a lot innovation and it makes it ready for production coming years.

Realease Date

Arcoding to Mercedes the production of this electric car will commerce in 2024 it's final product to be completed in 2025 to ready in the US Markets .


The EV is offered with a single motor mounted in rear that makes up to 235 horse power using Mercedes Benz Electric Drive Unit (MB.EDU) the technology from the vision EQXX concept that requires close to zero earth materials .

Eschewing the usual direct-drive setup, its output flows through a two-speed transmission that enables better efficiency over a wider range of speeds.This car also feutures next generation heat pump that only conveys powertrain heat to the cabin , it also extracts heat from the outside air like a household heat-pump, even in winter.

Battery and Charging

The battery uses silicone oxide which is more energy dense than traditional betteries which means it can travel UpTo 466 miles of range and 800 volts charging system slashing time spent during charging.With a DC charging at 250kw , which a low some 200 miles to be added in 15 minutes

Intirior and design

In place of an actual grille up front you have an LED panel with a three pointed star motif, and there’s an LED light bar which wraps around the bonnet and flows into the front wings. The round headlights are made using low energy LEDs which also have a star shape.It consist of glass roof and flushy fitting door handles .

The rear-end design mimics the front, with the round LED lights and another light bar across the boot lid carrying on into the back doors. That massive rear window has something of the Tesla Model 3 about it.Inside the concept car carry lot of technology .

It's main focus being the variation of screens .The driver having a display directly in front of him with all driver information for assistance and passenger can stream videos with a third screen.

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