Tiller Truck, Speciality of These Vehicles Which is Being Used Mostly by Firefighters

 This is a special fire fighter truck that is 18 m of length that contains a semi trailer truck in front , a tiller cab in the back and pure firefighting technology equipped in it.

The truck is designed with a stearable axle so that it can smoothly get around corners better and maneuver around obstacles like parked cars more easily.

The Cab feels a bit like a cockpit since it's a snug enclosure ,and it is situated above the ground with a bird's eye view.

One of the truck operates with a 500 HP and a twin tires on the rear axles .On top ot is turnable four parts larder which extends to a rescue height of 100 ft (30.5M) . Two robust telescopic jarks which guarantee a solid footing during aerial ladder operation.

If the driver and his tiller man work perfectly they perform perfectly turns and even elegant drifts are possible.

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