The New Volvo FH16 Europe's Most Powerful Truck

The New Volvo FH16 is not just another truck; it's a game changer in the industry. With its iconic engine, outstanding power, and remarkable fuel efficiency, it stands out as Europe's most powerful produced truck. Let's delve into the details:

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Powerful Engine Performance

The 2024 FH16 boasts a 17-liter engine that delivers a whopping 780 horsepower. It achieves an impressive 7% increase in torque and reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 5% compared to its predecessors. Volvo offers three power levels for this engine: 600 horsepower, 700 horsepower, and the top-tier 780 horsepower.

Enhanced Torque and Gearbox Efficiency

New Volvo FH16 I shift gear lever

Torque levels have been significantly increased: 3000 Nm, 3400 Nm, and 3800 Nm in the top version.The gearbox has been updated to handle up to 3800 Nm, and internal gearbox efficiency has been further improved for the 3000 Nm and 3400 Nm versions.

Eco-Friendly Certifications

Volvo's New D17 Engine

The FH16 D17 Engine is certified to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).The 700 horsepower version is also certified to run on 100% biodiesel (B100).

Driver-Centric Interior

2024 Volvo FH16 intirior

The FH16's interior puts you in control. The driver's interface features accessible functions via steering wheel controls.The I-Shift gear lever is seamlessly integrated into the seats, ensuring ease of use and keeping you comfortable when not driving.

Cutting-Edge Infotainment

Volvo FH16 Intirior features

The fully digital instrumental display runs on a new 9-inch screen, providing control over truck functions.Up to 8 cameras and integrated voice control enhance your driving experience.

Availability and Pricing

2024 Volvo FH16

The Volvo FH16 and FH16 Aero with the new D17 Engine are currently available for order (mid-2024). Production is underway in the second half of 2024.Prices for this powerful truck start at $100,000 and goes UpTo $243,091.

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