How to Submit an Article on Auto Daily Diary

How to Submit an Article to "Auto Daily Diary"


At "Auto Daily Diary," we welcome automotive enthusiasts, bloggers, and writers to contribute their insights, stories, and expertise. If you're passionate about cars, engines, and all things automotive, we'd love to feature your content on our platform. Follow these steps to submit your article:

1. Access Gmail

To begin, open Gmail or the Gmail app on your device In Gmail, click on "Compose" to create a new email.

Auto Daily Diary

2. Texts And Title 

Submitting Articles

Copy Text : Visit the submission page on our website. Once you've written your article, copy the entire text.

In the Recipient Box: Paste the copied text into the recipient mailbox. This ensures that we receive your submission.

Subject Line: Add a descriptive title to the subject box. Make it relevant to your article.

Content Paragraphs: In the compose email section, paste your article. You can break it down into multiple paragraphs, such as an introduction, body, and conclusion.

3. Insert Images


Thumbnail And  Images : To create a thumbnail for your article, insert an image. Click the attach icon and select "Insert Photo." The first image you insert will serve as the thumbnail. It may appear in Google search results or social media previews.

Image Placement: Note that image insertion may vary across devices. On a PC, it might show at the bottom with an image representation icon.

4. Paragraph Two: Design, Engine Options, and Performance

In the next paragraph, delve into the specifics. Discuss design features, engine options, and performance aspects related to your topic. If you're referencing external sources, add hyperlinks by highlighting the relevant text and clicking the link icon.

5. Subtitles and Formatting

Text Format

Subtitles: To create subtitles, highlight the text you want to format. On a phone, a pop-up menu will appear, allowing you to make the text bold, underline it, or change the font style. On a PC, additional features may be available.

Paragraphs and Titles: Use paragraphs effectively. Longer content can lead to predictable earnings and better backlinks. Consider your preferred format, but ensure readability and completeness.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions or encounter difficulties during the submission process, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you.

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