The BMW Everything You Need to Know

 At once upon a time the BMW a Bavarian auto makers declare to produce the unlimited machine.

It's mission was to be different from it's rivals by being sporty and driver centric.

BMW Naming

The Machine naming of its vehicles follow a number series ranging from 1 - 8 and a larger odd number series a bigger car , Even numbered series tend to be the body Style Variant of the previous series.

The second number in the model indicates how big the engine is . They are used to indicate or track the displacement of engine ie Bigger number means Bigger engine .

The final letter e.g 230i indicates what type the engine the car has.Most cars end with "i" means gasoline fuel injection and sometimes the may end with "e" meaning electrified hybrids and "d" for disel cars.

bmw 230i

The Cars with an "M" ( like;M5) are designed by the BMW M performance , this distinct them from others .
Like the BMW M550i xDrive has more power ,looks sportier and stunning than a standard model.

M550i xDrive

In addition tunner Alpina , they produce high performance BMW , the car contains letter letter"B" ( e.g XB7))

bmw xb7

Terminology Used by BMW



A terminology used to nickname BMW motorcycles which in full "Beemer.

Gran turismo

Gran turismo

Represent a four door sedan with higher roofline in the rear for more trunk space.Other terms "hatchback".

Gran Coupe

Gran Coupe

 A four-door coupe with a sleek, sloping roofline.

Hofmeister Kink

Hofmeister Kink

In signature Bmw's it is designed with an element where the rear passenger window curves forward at their rear corner.

The BMW'S History

BMW in full stands for Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German)

BMW 801

The company formerly was founded in Munich in 1916 and it began as an wwII airplane engine manufucture . Only after the WWII The BMW started to build car from 1982 in which the first car started to appear.

BMW Dixi

Cars like the 2002 and its successor, the 3 Series, laid the foundation for BMW to become a luxury and performance powerhouse from the 1980s to now.

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